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Boutique Practice Freedom Training


Indvidual and Group Coaching for Chiropractors & PTs who want to launch a Boutique Style Practice and scale to $100k+ salaries with low volume and premium pricing.

You want to have the freedom over your schedule, so that you can take care of yourself and enjoy your life and family NOW; rather than in 10, 20, or 30 years after you've "made it".
You want to deliver intentional 5-star comprehensive care, where you take your time and really get to know your patients, so that you can serve them at a deeper level, without feeling stressed, rushed, overwhelmed, & drained....

You want to earn a 6+ figure salary so that you can actually pay off your student loans and live comfortably without sacrificing your health or your family.

You want guidance and direction, but you want to
create your own Masterpiece Practice, not just replicate some cookie-cutter plan...

You know you want to open your own low volume practice, but you aren't sure how to get started, what's a good location, what to charge, what systems to put in place, how to automate, where to get support, what tech to use, the list goes on and on....

You wish there was a step-by-step guide to helping you form a legitimate business that ran smoothly, kept your overhead low and your profit high while attracting your IDEAL patients who are WILLING to pay you want your services are really worth.

You already created your small cash-based practice, so that you could leverage your time... but now you find yourself always on the phone, always working, and you want to scale and start paying yourself $6+figures without feeling like a slave to your business... 

Doc, does this sound like you?

 Guide to Building A Beautiful Brand For Free

Bonus Three

 30min 1-on-1 Strategy  Call with
 Dr. Alex

Bonus Two

 Fast Track Earning Your First $10k in Month 1

Bonus One

The Bonuses

Lifetime Access to the Boutique Practice Blueprint
The exact strategic steps to build a practice that earns consistent $15k-30k months working VERY part-time with your ideal clients. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls, Q&As, and Coaching Office Hours

1:1 Onboarding and check-ins with Dr. Alex

Access to Private Group slack Channel for feedback around the clock

Our TIME Together
Will Include:

The Only Course for Chiropractors & PTs
who want to launch a Boutique Style Practice and scale to
 $6+ figure TAKE HOME salaries with low volume and premium pricing while serving their ideal clients.


Learn the Exact Specifications needed to Land the IDEAL location!

Learn the Exact Details and Logistics that are Needed to Run a Successful $6+ Figure Practice

How to Creating a High End New Client Onboarding Experience 

Learn The Exact Processes and Procedures that I use to Sustain a High Retention Rate and Amazing Referral Program.



How to Get Inside Your Ideal Patients Head So That You Can Land The High Paying Patients You are Looking for.

How to Create an Exact Marketing Plan That Excites YOU and Brings in Your Ideal Patients

Learn the Exact Steps to Attract Your Favorite Clients with Ease

Learn the Exact Methods I Use Ditch The Gimmicks, Scare Care, and Bro-Marketing Tactics to Sell The Transformation You Offer as form of SERVICE That Your Ideal Patients Will be So Grateful For



How to Set An Attractive Menu & A Premium Fee Schedule

How to Create YOUR Own 6-Figure Business Plan to Set Yourself Up for Success

Learn How To Track All Your Progress So You Know Exactly Where Adjustments Need to Be Made

How to Create Systems, Procedures. & Automation That Will Scale you to $30k and Beyond Months



How to Designing Your Practice that will allow you to scale to 6+ figures and create the time freedom around your life that you desire.

How Set up the Systems that is going to support YOU the MVP in you Practice.

How to Create & Designing the perfect Practice Name & Logo that will give you the edge above the other practitioners in your community.

How to Create a & Design Your Website & Materials so that you stand out as the premium practice that you are meant to be.



What You'll Learn 

You know you can help change your world for the better,  and you value each every interaction you have with your patients.  You are NOT willing to allow the high volume rhetoric guilt you into martyring yourself or family in the name of "saving" your community by seeing as many people with cheap and rushed care. 

You own or want to own a business, a business that pays you like the CEO and doctor you are without working sun up to sun down. 

You have a family or you know you want to one day, and you know you will always put them first; and need a practice model that allows for that.

You want the freedom to design the practice that is just right for you, and you are excited to grow and expand into an even more amazing version of yourself.


Dr. Rachel Hasler
Prenatal Chiropractor

I started the program in the fall of 2021 while I was still and associate. I am about to open my own practice.

This course was the confidence booster I needed to start marketing to my ideal patients with an actual plan, and know that my practice will make money!

The confidence booster I needed to start marketing to my ideal patients. 

Dr. Daniel Bailey
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Dr. Alex Pankoke has truly been instrumental in the growth of my practice. I’ve been in practice for two years as a physical therapist and functional medicine practitioner, and with her coaching, I’ve learned how to better price my services, so that I can experience more profit in my business without feeling overwhelmed with seeing hundreds of patients in a week. With her help, I now am 100% working for my business and no longer have a part time job to supplement my income. I’m truly thankful for her coaching and expertise, as it has truly made a difference in my business, in my finances, and in my life.

With her help, I now am 100% working for my business and no longer have a part time job to supplement my income.

Dr. Kaylee English
Prenatal Chiropractor 

I started the program in January of 2022

This is a legit course load! It's like a whole quarter at school. I take so many notes, highlight and review. Which is good!

It's very detailed with it's direction, which I like, verses broad general topics. I love the flexibility and the weekly coaching calls area great!

I find am very hopeful for what is to come!

This is a legit course load!

 Dr. Janay Scott

I took so much away from the course.

I not only learned a lot about building my dream practice, but also a ton about myself.

The course shed light on things that intimidated me and why, like marketing and talking about money.
It also taught me how to overcome those fears!

If you’re wanting to start your dream practice or revamp your current practice, I highly encourage you to get with Dr. Alex. You’ll be so glad you did!

I not only learned a lot about building my dream practice, but also a ton about myself.

Reviews from Clients

Dr. Paul Pankoke
Sports Chiropractor

I may be biased because Dr. Alex is my wife, BUT I have been using the methods she teaches in the course and in the past 9 months (starting September 2021) I was able to build up my side of the practice from $0 to my first $15k month in less than 60 Days!
Because she was willing to pave the way for me and figure it out; not only she able to help me get out of my dead end associate position in a sole crushing workers comp practice.  I have been able to work with youth athletes and weekend warriors, and I am finally able to focus on my passion, and be there when my boys wake up every morning. 

I am finally able to focus on my passion and be there when my boys wake up every morning.